Thursday, February 26, 2009

SharePoint - Creating new web applications

Security setup before creating the web app.
  1. Have App Pool service account created.
  2. If desired, have host header name (A Record) created.
  3. Have SPNs created for the service accounts.
  4. Set delegation for the service account.
Web App Provisioning
  1. Create web application using the app pool credentials and checking Kerberos authentication.
  2. Do "iisreset -noforce" at command prompt on all web front ends at a time when usage is low.
Central Admin and SSP Admin App Pool Settings
  • Recycle once a day
  • Limit virtual memory to 500.
  • Shutdown after 10 minutes of idle.
  • Disable Pinging
  • Disable rapid-fail protection
  • No CPU limit

Content App Pool Settings

  • Recycle 1 per night
  • Limit virtual memory to 800-1200MB (32 BIT)
  • No idle shutoff
  • No request queue
  • No CPU limit
  • No web garden
  • Yes ping
  • 300-900 startup-shutdown limit
  • No rapid failure

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